Grandstream PBX Users and their GXP phones working on UCM6202, UCM6204 and UCM 6510

Our services have really picked up on the Grandstream IP PBX line of Phone Systems including the UCM6202, 6204 and 6510.  End users are calling us because either the company that sold it to them didn’t install it correctly or if they purchased the product online and expected a simply installation…well that didn’t go all that well.  Those YouTube videos are great if you have a lot of time, but if you are one of those people that can relate to this so far, you’re most likely a business person.  The time it takes to learn on YouTube is taking away from your core business.

So here’s a recent story on a Grandstream UCM6204 end user.  We get a call from a small business in the middle of small town Texas.  The town is so small that the only internet provider is a Satellite provider.  This means that using SIP trunks is not an option.  They are stuck using old analog lines which is o.k for their business but expensive.  Anyway, they contact us here in Dallas because the company that sold them their system is no longer in business.  Their Grandstream isn’t working and they don’t know why.

We remotely assisted them and identified that they had a few issues along with their Grandstream.  The data switch was bad and even though the Grandstream Phone System had lights on the unit indicating properly functioning, it was bad.  Specifically, when a call came in, the phones wouldn’t ring and the caller could only leave a voice message.  Not a good business practice.

The small business ordered a replacement model and we configured it prior to shipping to them.  When the Grandstream UCM6204 arrived the following day via FedEx, they plugged it in and like magic, they were up and running.

If you can relate to this, feel free to reach out to us.  We can help you determine if you have a real issue or your current situation can be resolved without spending a lot of money.

The Grandstream IP PBX’s are pretty nifty little boxes that are packed with high end features.  The only issue we see are end users not understanding how the little thing gets programmed properly.


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